Defence Census

The 2019 Defence Census results are now available. This was the eighth census conducted by Defence since 1991. The census captures the demographic profile of the entire Defence workforce of around 100 000 people comprising the permanent (SERCAT 7 and 6) and reserve (SERCAT 5, 4 and 3) components of the ADF and the Defence APS.

The Defence Census is used extensively by ADF and Departmental staff involved in developing personnel, financial and non-financial conditions of service and family support policies and programs. The anonymous aggregated data has previously been used by external agencies such as the Defence Housing Authority and academic institutions involved in Defence and social research. Census data is also regularly used to support briefing Ministers, Parliamentary Committees and other elements of Government involved with Defence issues.

Defence appointed an independent research contractor, Roy Morgan Research, to conduct the Defence Census 2019.

The public report of the 2019 Defence Census is provided below.

The APS employee census is an opinion survey administered to all APS employees each year. It collects information on important workforce issues such as job satisfaction, employee engagement, leadership and general impressions of the APS. In 2020, the overall APS response rate was 78%, whilst Defence achieved a response rate of 55%.

Defence is one of four Extra Large Agencies (ELA) with more than 10,000 APS employees. ELAs face unique challenges due to their size and complex organisational structures. Therefore, it is most appropriate to compare the Defence results against the results of other ELAs.