Apply Online

Use the Defence Medals Online Application Form to apply for:

  • your own un-issued medals;
  • approval to wear foreign awards;
  • long service medals and clasps (especially important Reserve members);
  • a list of previously issued medals (ideal for people wanting to know what medals their ancestors who served in WWI or WWII);
  • replacement medals and more.

Experienced assessors consider each and every application, and are able to provide advice and guidance on why members may or may not be eligible for certain awards.

Replacement Medals

ADF members are entitled to replacement medals where their medals have been lost or damaged in circumstances beyond their control, this includes losses due to theft or natural disasters.

Family members of deceased veterans may also be able to claim replacement medals where the medals have been lost or damaged beyond their control.

Apply online using the Defence Medals Application Form, select Member is Deceased as the Claimant Status, and Replacement Medals as the Application Type.

National Emergency Medal

The National Emergency Medal may be awarded to individuals who rendered qualifying service in response to nationally significant emergencies within Australia.

The National Emergency Medal may be awarded for service during:

  • The Victorian Bushfires in 2009;
  • Queensland Floods in 2010-11 and Cyclone Yasi ;
  • Tropical Cyclone Debbie in 2017;
  • The North Queensland Floods in 2019; and
  • The Bushfires of 2019-2020

More information, including how to apply for this award, can be found on the National Emergency Medal page.