Australian Military Sales

The role of the Australian Military Sales (AMS) team is to support Australian sovereign capability and military sales programs through the planning and execution of international government-to-government transfer of:

  • Australian Defence Organisation materiel
  • Australian-origin sensitive technology
  • products and services of Australian defence industry.

AMS seeks expressions of interest from foreign governments for consideration for government-to-government transfers.

Australian Military Sales supports Australian defence industry to export leading-edge capability solutions to foreign government customers.

By leveraging relationships across the military diplomatic community, AMS provides opportunities for Australian defence industry to utilise Defence’s network of national and international military partners to identify sales opportunities thereby improving and enhancing the promotion and export of products and capabilities.

The Australian Defence Sales Catalogue (the Catalogue) has been showcasing a cross-section of products and services from Australian defence industry companies across every state and territory of Australia since 2017. The Catalogue also details some Australian Defence Force (ADF) surplus equipment available for sale under government-to-government arrangements.

The 2022 Catalogue will again showcase Australia’s world-class, defence industry sector’s innovative and leading-edge products and services that are available now for export.  

On 22 July 2021, the Minister for Defence Industry, the Hon. Melissa Price M.P. invited defence industry companies to apply to be featured in the 2022 Catalogue. Applications will close at 2359 (AEST) on 26 September 2021.

The 2022 application process will be received and uploaded via ICN Gateway. Each application will still be assessed by Defence and all applications remain ‘commercial-in-confidence’.

The link to the application process is available at the ICN Gateway.

This year, applications for the Catalogue will be through ICN Gateway. This is the only way you can apply for the 2022 Catalogue. If your company is not yet registered with ICN Gateway, you must do that first. Registration is free, as is the Catalogue application. The new application process will make applying for future editions of the Catalogue easier, as your information will already be saved on the ICN Gateway.

To apply for inclusion in the 2022 Catalogue, please go to ICN Gateway and follow the instructions.

Please note that late submissions will not be considered.

Please see the Frequently Asked Questions regarding the application process.

Products and services submitted for inclusion in the Catalogue must meet the following criteria:

  1. Is your company an Australian company as defined in the Australian Defence Industrial Capability Plan [mandatory]
  2. A minimum of 51% of the product/service must be Australian content and/or Australian manufactured [mandatory]
  3. Your product or service must be export ready [mandatory]. Export ready is defined as:
    • Exportable within the next 12 months (products below a Technical Readiness Level of 9) will not be considered; and
    • Should be capable of obtaining an export permit (copy of export permit should be attached with application).
    • Evidence that an export permit is not required – if deemed ‘not required’ by Defence Export Controls.
    • The Product/Service is being exported or is planned to be exported by the company and is not limited to domestic sale. This publications is for exporters only.

    Note: This criteria requires that you provide supporting documentation directly from Defence Export Controls (DEC). You can attach your current DEC permit, as long as it is still valid. If you do not have a current DEC permit, or have not applied for a DEC permit previously, you will be required to complete a Defence and Strategic Goods List (DSGL) Assessment. You can review further information on how to submit a DSGL Assessment. Please also note documents from any other source will not be accepted as evidence for this criteria.

  4. Your product or service has been used or will be used by the Australian Defence Force. Alternatively, the Department of Defence has invested or will be investing funds in the development of the technology/product [preferred, but not mandatory]
  5. Your product or service falls under one of the ten Sovereign Industrial Capability Priorities Sovereign Industrial Capability Priorities (PDF) [preferred, but not mandatory]  

Note: Only one application is to be submitted for assessment. However, companies may briefly mention other products and/or services in the ’Company overview’ section in the application form.

  • Defence is in no way obliged to include submitted products or services in the Catalogue.
  • Defence has the discretion to include items in the Catalogue that are external to the selection process.
  • Defence has permission to use images and amend content included in applications. If you do not own the image you are responsible for obtaining approval to use the image. Should Defence request a replacement image we will contact you.
  • Defence may request information regarding business enquiries companies have received as a result of being featured in the Catalogue.
  • Being included in the Catalogue does not represent being sponsored by the Department of Defence.
  • Companies included in previous editions of the Australian Defence Sales Catalogue are not guaranteed inclusion in the 2022 edition.
  • At the end of the process, a preview of your application will be available with the information you have submitted. This page will reflect what will be printed in the Catalogue should you be successful. Grammar/spelling will be checked and Defence reserves the right to alter any wording or images to comply with Defence requirements.
  • The Department of Defence reserves the right to remove your company from the publication at any time.

All applicants will be advised of the outcome of their application in first quarter of 2022.



Advice to foreign governments on surplus ADF equipment and defence industry products and services may be obtained by completing the Expression of Interest (PDF). This form is for foreign government use only.

Equipment is offered on the basis of as is, where is.

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