APS Employment Pay & Conditions

From 18 February 2021, salary and salary-related allowance scales were superseded by the salary scales in the  Defence Public Service Determination as follows:

  • 2% effective 20 August 2020 2% effective 18 February 2021 (consistent with the Australian Government’s direction that all Australian Public Service pay increases that come into effect after 14 April 2020 be deferred by 6 months)
  • 2% effective 19 August 2021
  • 2% effective 18 August 2022

In your career with Defence you will have access to several leave provisions provided under the Defence Enterprise Agreement. We’ve outline below are some of the types of leave offered to every employee. There is also further flexibility offered such as leave without pay and purchasing up to 4 weeks annual leave.

Your standard hours are 37.5 hours per week. There is flexibility offered around these hours, you can work anywhere from 7am to 7pm depending on the area and arrangements with your supervisor.

In Defence APS Level 1-6 employees can access flexible work hours (known as flextime) between 7am to 7pm Monday to Friday.

Under flextime arrangements employees have the ability to accumulate additional hours (above the standard 7.5 hour working day) which can be exchanged for time off. Other flexible work arrangements include:

  • Negotiated time off in lieu for executive level employees;
  • A local working arrangement to vary the standard working hours (between 7am to 7pm); or
  • A compressed work schedule to work fulltime but using less than five working days (for example; working 75 hours over a nine day fortnight instead of 10 days).

Our employees have the option to negotiate a flexible arrangement with their managers to work some hours from home and enable them to manage the competing demands of work and personal responsibilities.

We encourage learning and development through allowances such as StudyBank. If your further study is relevant to your work Defence may cover part or all of the cost under StudyBank arrangements. On top of this most employees are eligible for up to 180 hours of study leave per year when studying.

Before making the decision to accept a move to Defence, you should speak to your human resources/personnel area. They can confirm exactly what entitlements can or cannot be transferred.

Personal leave credits accrued or deemed to have accrued during eligible prior employment with another APS agency (as defined by the Public Service Act 1999); the Parliamentary Service (as defined by the Parliamentary Service Act 1999); the ACT Government Service or Australian Signals Directorate, will be carried over provided there is no break between finishing that employment and starting with Defence. The Australian Public Service Commission site includes a list of agencies that engage employees under the Public Service Act.

All Defence’s accrual arrangements for personal leave are based on the specifications in the DEA.